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22 Apr 15

Thomas L. Friedman delivered the Stephen M. Kellen Lecture at the American Academy in Berlin on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. He spoke about his conviction that the world has become “really fast.” This, he says, is because the three biggest forces shaping the world today — the market, Moore’s Law, and Mother Nature — have forced us into a phase of rapid acceleration: the market via the expansion and speed of globalization and the rise in global debt levels; Moore’s Law via the steady, exponential acceleration of computers and software, vastly increasing the generation and dissemination of information, products, and services; and Mother Nature via the dramatic rise of carbon content in the atmosphere, driving climate change and the simultaneous rise in both population and biodiversity extinction. Our world and our lives are being shaped more than ever by these three changes: digital, geo-economical, and ecological. How, Friedman asked, will civilizations best adapt to these changes and cushion their worst effects?

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