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22 Sep 16

Professor of History at Northeastern University Timothy Brown, a Bosch Public Policy Fellow at the Academy in fall 2016, focuses on twentieth-century German and transatlantic political and cultural history, radical mass movements and the revolts of 1968, popular music and youth subcultures, and environmental politics. He is the author of Sixties Europe (Cambridge, 2017), West Germany and the Global Sixties: The Anti-Authoritarian Revolt, 1962-1978 (Cambridge, 2013), and Weimar Radicals: Nazis and Communists between Authenticity and Performance (Berghahn, 2009), as well as two co-edited volumes. At the Academy, Brown is working on his newest project, “The Greening of Cold War Germany: Environmentalism and Social Movements across the Wall and Beyond, 1968-1989.”

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