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Art Critic, Poet, Translator, New York

American Academy Distinguished Visitor - Class of Spring 2006

Vincent Katz is a poet, art critic, editor, translator and curator. He is the author of eight books of poetry, including Cabal of Zealots, Understanding Objects, Acid, Boulevard Transportation, Pearl, New York Hello!, A Tremor in the Morning, and Rooms. Several of these books were published in collaboration with artists, including Rudy Burckhardt, Alex Katz, and Tabboo!, and an artist’s book, in two volumes, with James Brown. He has curated exhibitions of the work of Rudy Burckhardt for IVAM in Valencia, Spain and the Grey Art Gallery in New York. He wrote the essay and interview for the first study of Francesco Clemente’s portraits and is the editor and one of the authors of Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art. Katz has also published two books of translation: Charm, Translations from Latin of Roman Poet Sextus Propertius (Book I) and, most recently, The Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius, which won the 2005 National Translation Award from the American Literary Translators Association.

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