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Photo: Annette Hornischer

Executive Director, The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies, The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies, New York

Bosch Fellow in Public Policy - Class of Fall 2010

Kirk W. Johnson is an Arabist and writer focusing on US foreign policy and political Islamism throughout the Middle East. He is a leading public advocate for Iraqis who assisted the US and have become imperiled as a consequence of their affiliation with the US. The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies (, which Johnson founded in 2007, has brought together over one hundred attorneys from two leading law firms to offer thousands of hours of pro bono representation for Iraqi refugees. The organization has resettled over seven hundred Iraqis and cultivates US-wide grassroots support. Johnson, who received his BA in near Eastern languages and civilizations from the University of Chicago in 2002, has worked and researched throughout the Middle East, including on the reconstruction of Iraq for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Baghdad and in Fallujah. Prior to his work in Iraq, Johnson was a Fulbright Scholar in Egypt (2002–03).


He has lived in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and conducted research trips to Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank. Johnson’s work for the List Project has received wide media attention, including a profile by George Packer in the New Yorker. Johnson has contributed op-eds and longer pieces to the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post Magazine, and other publications.

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