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Photo: David Ausserhofer

Professor of Anthropology, Yale University

Airbus Distinguished Visitor - Class of Fall 2021 and Class of Spring 2020

Helen F. Siu is a professor of anthropology and former chair of the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University. She has conducted decades of fieldwork in Southern China, exploring agrarian change and the nature of the socialist state. Lately, she has explored rural-urban interface in China, inter-Asian connections, popular music, and the new political space in Hong Kong. She is the founding director of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, which highlights cross-disciplinary research and global collaborations. Her recent publications are Asia Inside Out (three co-edited volumes: Harvard, 2015/2019), Tracing China: A Forty-Year Ethnographic Journey (Hong Kong University Press, 2016), and “China-Africa Encounters: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Realities,” (co-author) in the Annual Review of Anthropology 46 (November 2017).

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