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Photo: Annette Hornischer

Author; Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies and International Visual Studies, Tufts University

Mary Ellen von der Heyden Fellow in Fiction - Class of Fall 2022

Alexandra Chreiteh is Mellon-Bridge Assistant Professor of Arabic and International Literary and Visual Studies at Tufts University. She completed her BA at the Lebanese American University and PhD in Comparative Literature at Yale University. She is the author of two novels in Arabic, Always Coca-Cola (2009) and Ali and his Russian Mother (2009), both with Arab Scientific Publishers, and subsequently published in English, German, and French. In her scholarship, Chreiteh works at the intersection of transnational literary and visual studies, and literary history and theory, with a focus on gender and sexuality, ethnicity, disability, and the environment. Her current project on the Arabic fantastic examines the shift in Arabic political aesthetics that, through activating the supernatural, renders visible those in the shadows of the Arab postcolonial project—ethnic, religious, gender, and sexual minorities, as well as people with disabilities, migrant workers, and refugees. She is also working on the resurgence of horror narratives in Arabic literature and film. Her work has appeared in the Journal of North African Studies, Magical Literature and Realism (Cambridge, 2020), edited by Chris Warnes and Kim Sasser, and Middle Eastern Gothics (forthcoming), edited by Karen Grumberg. She is the recipient of a 2022 Creative Capital Award.

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