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Tsuen Wan March, August 25, 2019. Photo: Studio Incendo / Flickr.

American Academy Lecture

Hong Kong: Ground Zero and a Global Awakening

There is a great deal of rage and fear on both sides of the political divide in present-day Hong Kong. Despite Beijing’s hardened rhetoric, protesters have remained defiant. Reeling from human rights abuses, they lament the lack of officials’ moral authority, highlight the erosion of institutional integrity since the changeover of sovereignty, question the legitimacy of police power, and push for political reforms that were promised but not delivered. Is the turmoil fanned by Beijing to justify the silencing of dissent in the name of national security? The recent landslide victories for anti-government forces in district council elections in Hong Kong and for Taiwan’s pro-independence party add to the volatility. Furthermore, will prolonged street conflicts and large numbers of arrests and injuries lead to unexpected dialogue among China’s restive border populations and a global awakening? In this talk, Helen F. Siu asks if this moment in Hong Kong’s history is the beginning, not the end, of something new.

Attendees are requested to present valid identification in order to gain entry to the event.

In cooperation with Bayer AG

27 May 20
Political Science
19:00 - 20:30
Bayer AG
Müllerstraße 178
13353 Berlin-Mitte
Speaker: Helen F. Siu

This event was postponed. Thank you for your understanding.

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