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Richard C. Holbrooke Lecture

Carbon Pricing: The Future of US Climate Policy

Comprehensive climate policy at the national level in the US has been largely stalemated for a decade. Failure to enact economy-wide cap-and-trade legislation in 2010 was followed by the Obama Administration’s modest new power sector regulations. Even if these ever were enacted by Trump administration, they wouldn’t significantly reduce emissions. Yet things in the US are changing. The Paris Climate Accord, increasing public awareness, and urgent warnings about climate risk are beginning to alter the political landscape. The challenge now is to educate the American public about comprehensive domestic climate policies that can win broad bipartisan support, be effective at low cost, grow the economy, and protect lower- and middle-income families from significant costs. In this talk, George Frampton will consider what national US policymakers might learn from others’ efforts in addressing climate change—from the EU’s ETS cap-and-trade system to Canada’s carbon-tax approach to the efforts of California and states in the Northeast—in order to inform US policymakers about fashioning an effective and enactable climate-regulatory regime.

26 Feb 19
19:30 - 21:00
American Academy in Berlin
Am Sandwerder 17-19
14109 Berlin-Wannsee
***Wheelchair accessible***

This event took place on February 26, 2019.

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