22 Feb 18

Fellow Spotlight: Barbara Nagel

Barbara Nagel aims to combine American affect theory with German realism to understand the interaction of language and violence.

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21 Feb 18

Fellow Spotlight: Carole Maso

Novelist Carole Maso's latest work incorporates myriad forms: fiction, essay, memoir, poetry, and graphics—including drawings, photographs, maps—and represents nearly 15 years of writing.

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19 Feb 18

Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time

David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, discusses the topic of his new book, Rescue: Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time.

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15 Feb 18

US-German Relations One Year Later

A discussion about the state of US-German relations, moderated by German director general of foreign affairs, Thomas Bagger, with Derek Chollet (German Marshall Fund); Jörg Lau (DIE ZEIT); Daniela Schwarzer (German Council on Foreign Relations); and Angela Stent (Georgetown University)

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13 Feb 18

A Brief History of Anti-Sectarianism in the Arab World

Ussama Makdisi discusses the now-obscured Arab tradition of anti-sectarianism, an ethical stance that promotes a cohesive and emancipated political community that transcends religious difference.

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12 Feb 18

Fellow Spotlight: Josh Kun

Josh Kun is exploring how the production of sound and music are related to contemporary global migrations, expulsions, and detainments.

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12 Feb 18

Fellow Spotlight: Ran Ortner

Visual artist Ran Ortner is known for his realistic paintings of foaming waves and turbulent movement of opalescent sea water, motifs inspired by decades of surfing.

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08 Feb 18

Surviving Berlin: An Oral History

A former co-chairman of the American Academy in Berlin, Karl M. von der Heyden discusses his book Surviving Berlin with former American Academy president Norman Pearlstine, who then moderates a discussion with Academy alumna Kira Thurman and historian Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann.

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31 Jan 18

Fellow Spotlight: Ussama Makdisi

Rice University historian Ussama Makdisi is working on a book about the history of coexistence and sectarianism in the modern Middle East.

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30 Jan 18

What Gets Amplified

Raven Chacon discusses his body of work, which explores the sounds of acoustic handmade instruments overdriven through electric systems, and the direct and indirect audio-feedback responses from their interactions.

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