Members of the staff and management of the American Academy in Berlin, June 7, 2016. Photo: Annette Hornischer


Professor Michael P. Steinberg - President

Chief Operating Officer

Christian U. Diehl - Chief Operating Officer

Executive Assistants

Kerstin Apel - Executive Secretary
Malin Hartz - Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

New York Office

Judy Stupp - New York Representative
Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg - New York Office Assistant


Dr. Berit Ebert - Manager, Development
Kathy S. Alberts - Senior Assistant, Development; Coordinator, Database
Anika Kettelhake - Coordinator, Development
Caitlin Hahn - Coordinator, Development
Dr. Ulrike Graalfs - Project Manager, Development

Public Programming

Professor Thomas Rommel - Director of Programs
Jessica Biehle - Program Manager, Public & Economic Policy
Lena Ringleb - Senior Program Coordinator, Public and Economic Policy
Ashley Lauren Branton Bamford - Program Coordinator, Public & Economic Policy
John-Thomas Eltringham - Senior Program Coordinator, Arts & Humanities
Marie-Christine Mitzlaff - Program Coordinator, Arts & Humanities
Thomas Heller - Event Manager

Richard C. Holbrooke Forum

Jan Techau - Director, Richard C. Holbrooke Forum
Sarah Mie Nass - Senior Coordinator, Richard C. Holbrooke Forum

Head of Hospitality & Facility

René Ahlborn - Head of Hospitality & Facility

Fellows Selection

Carol Scherer - Manager, Fellows Selection
Johana Gallup - Coordinator, Fellows Selection; Managing Editor, The Berlin Journal

Library Services

Yolande Korb - Manager, Library Service, Hans Arnhold Center Library & Archive
Hendrik Stein - Assistant, Library Service


Rüdiger Jürgensen - Head of Communications
Dr. R. Jay Magill, Jr. - Editor, The Berlin Journal & Web
Helga Beck, Coordinator, Press & Social Media


Christina Lahr - Controller, Banking & Investments
Carmen Artmann - Accountant
Patricia Stampe - Project Manager, Finance

Information Technology

Falk Fasshauer - Manager, IT Services
Joachim Feske - Coordinator, Event Technology & IT Support


Coralie Wörner - Head of Personnel
Maria Ihle - Coordinator, Personnel
Jessica von Wrede - Project Manager, Business Processes

Reception & Security

Lutz Finkl - Security Coordinator & Head of Reception
Fabian Evers - Security Management & Reception

Facilities & Grounds

Heike Steinmann - Manager, Facility
Axel Guder - Caretaker

Kitchen & Service

Reinold Kegel - Maitre de Cuisine
Daniel Westermann - Cook
Stefan Czoske - Head of Service
Gabriela Schlickum - Breakfast & Lunch Service
Mathias Buhrow - Waiter
Noel Mc Clenney - Apprentice, Service