The American Academy in Berlin produces several publications per year in order to keep our audiences involved in the life of its fellows and friends. The Academy's house magazine, The Berlin Journal, features a stimulating range of articles, opinion pieces, fiction, art, and poetry, offering a glimpse of the American Academy's vibrant intellectual life and the varied pursuits of its fellows, visitors, trustees, and friends. The magazine, published twice per year, is available in print and as pdf download. A newsletter at the heart of each issue includes profiles of current fellows, news from trustees and the Academy community, reports and coverage of recent events, and a list of new alumni publications.

The Academy also strives to bring the ideas of its scholars and writers into the public sphere with an annual supplement presenting their works in Der Tagesspiegel, occassional position papers published by the Academy, a supplement to the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the occassion of the Munich Security Conference, our monthly email newsletter, and regular programming on NPR Berlin.