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Tuesday, November 25, 2014, 07:30 pm | Humanities
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Healer, Messiah, Rock Star: Bruno Gröning and the Early Federal Republic

Bruno Gröning shot like a rocket across the heavens of the early Federal Republic of Germany. Emerging from obscurity in 1949, he swiftly rose to enormous fame, preaching that evil was responsible for illness and claiming to channel divine power to cure it. For a time, Gröning’s name was on the lips of nearly everyone: politicians, city and regional officials, medical doctors, university professors, police investigators, lawyers, documentary filmmakers, and members of the press. He attracted workers and aristocrats, men, women, and children, movie stars, and government ministers and members of the Allied occupation administration. But what was Gröning's meaning in this immediate postwar, post-Nazi moment? Indeed, what did it mean to be a messiah after Hitler? Monica Black will explore these and other questions in her lecture.