If you or your media organization is interested in attending events, interviewing current fellows, distinguished visitors, Academy management, please contact Press and Social Media Coordinator Helga Beck at, or call (0)30 804 83 404. 

Events at the American Academy are covered across a broad range of media. Our regular programs and interviews with Academy fellows and distinguished visitors are frequently covered in newspapers such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Tagesspiegel, Die Welt, Berliner Zeitung, taz, and Handelsblatt, among other periodicals. The annual Henry A. Kissinger Prize is consistently covered by the international press. The Academy's villa and library are also used on occassion for special interview programs on both television and radio, such as Phoenix's Kamingespräche, featuring interviews with current and former leading German political figures, including Otto Schilly, Joschka Fischer, Hans-Deitrich Genscher, and Cem Özdemir.

The American Academy in Berlin has developed strong strategic partnerships with additional media organizations, such as NPR Berlin (104.1fm), which regularly broadcasts a selection of Academy lectures live to an international audience, as well as the Academy's biannual show "The Berlin Journal," featuring interviews with Academy fellows and distinguished visitors by American and German journalists.

Representatives from the German, American, and international media are frequent guests at Academy lectures and are always warmly invited to register for programs that interest them. They are also invited to occasional press briefings, fellow presentations, and to special lectures and events.