John Kerry's Statement at the 2014 Kissinger Prize
Secretary of State K...

United States Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a video message to the audience at the 2014 Henry A. Kissinger Prize, awarded on October 7 to former US Secretary of State James A. Baker, III.

The American Academy in Berlin at Twenty
The American Academy...

A short film by Academy trustee Volker Schlöndorff, Max Kerkhoff, and Lina Schuller on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the American Academy in Berlin.

Evolving Regulatory Developments
A Conversation on Ev...

As chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Mary Schapiro presided over one of the busiest rule-making agendas in the SEC’s history. Under her leadership, the agency executed a comprehensive restructuring program to improve protections for investors. President Obama remarked that the SEC became stronger and the financial system “safer and better able to serve the American people — thanks in large part to Mary’s hard work.” In this lecture, Ms. Schapiro, an Allianz Distinguished Visitor this fall, discusses with Andreas Kluth, Germany correspondent for the Economist, the current state of financial market regulation, shifting market structures, and developments in corporate governance, including the increasingly important role of advisory boards in the oversight of financial institutions and regulators’ expectations with regards to risk governance at large banks.

Interdependence and Responsibility
Interdependence and...

According to former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana, the world is connected by the threads of interdependence, denser in some areas than in others. In the context of sharing economies, information networks, currencies, and problems, these realities, Solana discusses in this semester's Richard von Weizsäcker Lecture, are challenging classical state borders. He argues that the European Union is a prime example of an attempt to move beyond these structures in order to deal productively with these shifts—yet the difficulties experienced in recent years have clearly shown that the European Union remains a work in progress. Overall, within today’s global landscape, Solana believes the search is on for the place of responsibility: Where does it lie, and who will take it? What will it take to ensure responsible governance of our interdependent world? Drawing on his longstanding experience within NATO, and as foreign policy maker in the European Union, Solana will offer a policy perspective on foreign and security policy in the age of economical, administrative and political interconnectedness.


On the evening of September 25, fiction fellow Adam Ross gave a captivating and dramatic reading of his novel in progress, Playworld. Academy visitor Joshua Cohen, the American short story writer (Four New Messages) and novelist (Witz), introduced Ross to an audience of fellow writers, avid readers, and Academy fellows. “In the fall of 1980, when I was 13, a friend of my parents named Naomi Shaw fell in love with me," Ross began. "She was 36, a mother of two, and married to a wealthy man. Like so many things that happened to me that year, it didn’t seem strange at the time.” Ross's uproarious tale describes, he says, “the story of Griffin Hurt, a child actor who finds himself surrounded by adult children—by adult actors who are wittingly or unwittingly borrowing against his emotional future, who are so indulgently at play that they function as terrible role models."