Distinguished Visitors

Jean-Claude Trichet and Paul Volcker, the Richard von Weizsäcker Distinguished V

Jean-Claude Trichet, former head of the ECB, speaks with Paul Volcker, the spring 2009 Richard von Weizsäcker Distinguished Visitor. Photo: Hans Glave.

Distinguished visitors are invited to the American Academy throughout the academic year and typically stay at the Hans Arnhold Center for one to four weeks. Drawn from the worlds of academia, politics, journalism, the arts, foreign policy, and the media, past distinguished visitors have included United States Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Antonin Scalia; artists Kiki Smith, Alex Katz, Maya Lin, and Chuck Close; Senator Thomas Daschle; writers William Styron and Jonathan Franzen; journalists Thomas Friedman, Malcolm Gladwell, and Frances FitzGerald; and foreign policy experts Richard Haass, Martin Indyk, Strobe Talbott, and Dennis Ross, among many others.

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Lloyd Cutler Distinguished Visitorship

With the Lloyd Cutler Distinguished Visitorship the American Academy in Berlin honors one of its founding trustees, the legendary attorney Lloyd N. Cutler. In 1962 Lloyd Cutler cofounded Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, which included over 500 lawyers representing corporate and industrial clients. Aside from his expertise and authority in the private sector, Lloyd Cutler became deeply involved in some of the most pressing issues facing the federal government during the past century.

Airbus Group Distinguished Visitorship

The Airbus Group Distinguished Visitorship, inaugurated in 2010 as the EADS Distinguished Visitorship, was endowed in 2011 after three generous donations from EADS to support the American Academy’s mission of cross-cultural exchange between the United States and Germany. To this end, EADS enables an expert in a field related to its business and activities to reside at the American Academy for a period of one week. During this time, the Airbus Distinguished Visitor engages in meetings, roundtable conferences, and lectures related to his or her professional field.

Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Visitorship

The Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Visitorship was endowed in 2005. It was initiated in light of the tenth anniversary of the Berlin Brigade's departure from a reunified Berlin and honors the American Academy's founder and chairman, Richard C. Holbrooke. He was one of the most engaged and committed representatives of German-American cooperation. While serving as US Ambassador to Germany, Richard C. Holbrooke developed the idea of the American Academy together with distinguished Atlanticists. By establishing a Richard C.

Stephen M. Kellen Distinguished Visitorship

The Stephen M. Kellen Distinguished Visitorship was established in 2004 and is endowed in perpetuity by the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation and the descendants of Hans and Ludmilla Arnhold, who provided the founding gift for the Academy and continue their generous support. The Stephen M. Kellen Distinguished Visitorship was established in honor of founding benefactor Stephen M. Kellen, husband of Anna-Maria Kellen, subsequent his passing, in 2004. Stephen M.

John W. Kluge Distinguished Visitorship

The John W. Kluge Dinstinguished Visitorship was established in 2004 and is endowed by the John W. Kluge Foundation.

Richard von Weizsäcker Distinguished Visitorship

The Richard von Weizsäcker Distinguished Visitorship was founded in honor of the former German Federal President and American Academy founding member, whose personality and life’s work enjoy the highest esteem on both sides of the Atlantic. Consistent with the political achievements of its name bearer, this Distinguished Visitorship is awarded to outstanding US dignitaries in academia or public service committed to and working to strengthen the transatlantic cause. The Richard von Weizsäcker Visitorship was inaugurated by former president of the World Bank James Wolfensohn in 2007.

Allianz Distinguished Visitorship

The first Allianz Distinguished Visitorship was a pilot program established in 2010-2011 by Allianz SE with the possibility of continuation upon review. It was established with the objective of bringing a prominent US expert in finance, economics, or politics to Berlin. For a short-term visit of one week, on average, the Allianz lecturer embarks on a full itinerary that allows him or her to engage with German counterparts as well as targeted audiences through a series of meetings, roundtable discussions, lectures, and other programs.

Marina Kellen French Distinguished Visitorship

The Marina Kellen French Distinguished Visitorship for Persons with Outstanding Accomplishment in the Cultural World is generously endowed by the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation and the Marina Kellen French Foundation.

Kurt Viermetz Distinguished Visitorship

The Kurt Viermetz Distinguished Visitorship was established in 2008 with the collective support of 44 distinguished individuals in the fields of banking, law, and publishing. It was founded in honor of Kurt Viermetz, the retired Vice Chairman of JPMorgan, in recognition of his career in international finance. Each year, the Kurt Viermetz Distinguished Visitorship brings a prominent expert in finance or economics from the United States to Berlin, where they spend a period ranging from a few days to an entire month at the Hans Arnhold Center.

Max Beckmann Distinguished Visitorship

We are grateful to the following donors for supporting this outstanding initiative. Please note that the list below documents the contributions made in 2014: Gahl Hodges Burt, Betsy Z. & Edward E. Cohen, A. Michael & Mercedes Hoffman, Dirk & Marlene Ippen, Michael Klein, Renate Küchler, Nina von Maltzahn, Achim Moeller, Hartley & Virginia Neel, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Rosen, Mary Ellen von Schacky-Schultz & Bernd Schultz, Victoria & Aurel Scheibler, Clemens Vedder 


Marcus Bierich Distinguished Visitorship in the Humanities

The American Academy in Berlin established the Marcus Bierich Distinguished Visitorship in the Humanities in order to facilitate access to important scholarship and academic debate for professionals from the worlds of business and politics. Particularly outstanding scholars who excel at communicating difficult ideas with clarity and vividness are invited to the Hans Arnhold Center for an exchange of ideas with peers from other sectors of civil society.