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Fellows Distinguished Visitors
Walter Pincus
The Washington Post
Harvey L. Pitt
US Securities and Exchange Commission
Nicholas Platt
Asia Society
Kenneth Pollack
The Brookings Institution
Michael E. Porter
Harvard University Business School
Adam S. Posen
Peterson Institute for International Economics
Robert C. Post
Yale University
Earl A. Powell III
National Gallery of Art
Don Michael Randel
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Steven Rattner
The Quadrangle Group
Richard Reeves
University of Southern California
Janusz Reiter
Center for International Relations
Jeremy Rifkin
The Foundation on Economic Trends
John Rockwell
Kenneth Rogoff
Harvard University
Nir Rosen
New America Foundation
Robert J. Rosenthal
Center for Investigative Reporting
Alex Ross
The New Yorker
Dennis Ross
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
J. Stapleton Roy
The Brookings Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies (CNAPS)
George Rupp
Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Saskia Sassen
Columbia University
Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)
United States Supreme Court
Mary L. Schapiro
Promontory Financial Group
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