23 Oct 17
25 Oct 17

Foreign Policy Forum

The Future of International Law in an Age of Trump

In her talk, Karen J. Alter looks at the history of international law and draws on numerous social science studies to argue that President Trump’s policy positions are neither a major break from pas...

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26 Oct 17

Anna-Maria Kellen Lecture

Listening through the Iron Curtain

Despite ideological rifts, music exchange between West Germany and the USSR flourished along unofficial and semi-official networks during the Cold War....

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Kurt Viermetz Lecture

Overlooked Crisis: The Postwar Collapse of Work for American Men

This lecture will outline the dimensions of modern America's "Men without Work" problem, examine some of its possible causes, and discuss approaches to addressing this grave national ill....

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06 Nov 17

US Embassy Literature Series

Race, Identity, and the Boundaries of Blackness

Thomas Chatterton Williams explores what it means to be a black man of mixed-race heritage with a white-looking daughter and white wife, in this reading and conversation with Rose-Anne Clermont....

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Richard C. Holbrooke Forum Seminar

Order or Disorder? Networks and Power in a Globalized World

What will statecraft and diplomacy look like in a world in which the very foundation of global dynamics and the relations among the world’s peoples are likely to change fundamentally?...

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Bosch Public Policy Lecture

Populism and the Pursuit of Dignity

Dilip Gaonkar explores the resurgence of populism across the globe in the twenty-first century, covering a wide range of political and ideological positions, from progressive to conservative....

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Holtzbrinck Lecture

Not Here but Everywhere: A Graphic Novel between the Middle East and Midwest

Özge Samanci’s graphic novel Not Here but Everywhere uniquely follows two characters in parallel: on the odd pages of the book, it tells the story of Helen, a 40-year-old American professor of art ...

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Daimler Lecture

Undercover Policing in the US, Germany, Italy, and France

Based on interviews with police, prosecutors, and judges, Jacqueline Ross compares how the United States, France, Germany, and Italy differ in addressing the challenges of undercover policing....

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16 Nov 17

Fritz Stern Lecture

Democratic Degeneration: Three Easy Paths to Regression

A recurrent liberal dream envisions inevitable progress towards worldwide democracy. Philosopher Charles Taylor sees this dream’s realization as very unlikely. Democracies, he argues, carry within t...

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