Airbus Lecture

Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time

In his talk, Airbus Group Distinguished Visitor David Miliband takes us from war zones in the Middle East to the heart of Europe to explain the crisis and show what can be done, not just by government...

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Richard von Weizsäcker Lecture

Suffering, Compassion, and Responsible Scholarship about the Middle East

In this lecture, historian Keith Watenpaugh discusses his historical and humanitarian work as well as the professional responsibilities facing scholars confronted by recent events in the Middle East....

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American Academy Discussion

Beyond “Willkommenskultur”

In Germany and America, the arts and sciences have provided important platforms for the social integration of recent immigrants. This discussion, hosted in cooperation with the Staatsbibliothek zu Ber...

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Ellen Maria Gorrissen Lecture

Artist Talk: An Intoxicating Insistence

Artist Ran Ortner discusses his personal history of racing motorcycles and surfing, and how they inform his artistic practice and ongoing literary exploration....

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12 Mar 18

Foreign Policy Forum

Democratic Competition: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Political scientist Ian Shapiro argues that some recent forms of political competition have fragmented voters into blocs, impeding the adoption of long-term, overarching policies....

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13 Mar 18

Marcus Bierich Lecture in the Humanities

The 2008 Global Crisis: Approaches to a Future History

Business historian Adam Tooze says it is not too early to write the broader history of a global crisis that many have identified as an epochal break in the post-Cold War era....

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Bosch Lecture in Public Policy

Sounds of Detention, Sounds of Escape: Listening to the Contemporary Migrant Crisis

In this talk, Josh Kun focuses on musical representations of contemporary migrant and refugee crises, across both the United States and Europe....

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05 Apr 18

Mary Ellen von der Heyden Reading

The Bay of Angels: A Novel in Progress

Carole Maso’s war-inflected novel-in-progress is a meditation on the profound mystery of suffering, the enigma of history, the power of invention, the properties of fever and light, and the beauty a...

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10 Apr 18

Airbus Lecture

Populism, Trump, and the Future of Democracy

Philosopher Michael Sandel discusses how mainstream parties should learn from the populist protest that has displaced them....

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John P. Birkelund Lecture

The Terror of Flirtation from Critical Theory to #MeToo

With a hint of nostalgia, Princeton literary scholar Barbara Nagel looks back to early theories of flirtation in Critical Theory and German realism to trace the literary-historical emergence of what s...

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