Donnerstag, September 15

Presentation of the Fall 2016 Class of Fellows

Welcoming eight outstanding scholars, a writer, a filmmaker, and an artist to Berlin 

The American Academy in Berlin will welcome its fall 2016 class of fellows on September 15, 2016, at the Hans Arnhold Center. The evening will begin with introductory remarks by Mazen Darwish, President of the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression. The fall 2016 fellows will explore an array of projects and topics—some, but by no means all, directly related to Germany. »

Montag, September 19

The Angry Voter: Discontent in the American Electorate

American Academy Lecture 

In this lecture, noted polling expert Douglas Rivers will discuss the 2016 US Presidential election campaign and the outpouring of anger it has witnessed across the political spectrum. In both the Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries, many voters rejected “establishment” choices and supported outsiders such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. What is the source of this widespread discontent? Is it primarily an economic phenomenon, related to disruptions caused by inequality, trade, and immigration? »

Donnerstag, September 22

Buildings That Die More Than Once in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Ellen Maria Gorrissen Lecture 

As people, artifacts, capital, images, and information travel in the age of global connections, the “open” has justifiably become a common metaphor in daily language. Esra Akcan's lecture defines openness as a foundational modern value albeit prone to contradictions, and open architecture as the translation of the ethics of hospitality into architecture. »