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Toward a Quantitative History of Data

How the concept of data emerged in the West

On the evening of October 14, Axel Springer fellow Daniel Rosenberg presented his book-in-progress Toward A Quantitative History of Data. In it he traces the emergence and development of the concept of data in the West from the 1600s until today. In his introductory remarks, Dean of Fellows Wolf Schäfer expressed his excitement about a “cool” project that works with quantitative as well as qualitative methods -- "data" with the help of data, so to speak. »

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Happy Birthday, American Academy in Berlin!

Celebrating twenty years of cultivating relationships across the Atlantic

One hundred and ninety guests gathered at the Hans Arnhold Center on the evening of October 8 for the twentieth-anniversary celebration of the American Academy in Berlin. »

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The 2014 Henry A. Kissinger Prize

The American Academy in Berlin honors James A. Baker, III

On the evening of October 7, 2014, the American Academy in Berlin awarded the 2014 Henry A. Kissinger Prize to James A. Baker, III, the United States Secretary of State from 1989-1992 and US Secretary of the Treasury from 1985-1988. The award is given in recognition of Secretary Baker’s outstanding contributions towards German reunification and the peaceful resolution of the Cold War, and in particular for his role in international negotiations following the fall of the Berlin Wall. “James A. »

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German President Joachim Gauck Receives the American Academy at Schloß Bellevue

"Die transatlantische Partnerschaft ist keine Laune der Weltgeschichte. Sie hat feste und tiefe Wurzeln."

German president Joachim Gauck received the American Academy in Berlin at Schloß Bellevue on the afternoon of October 7 for a reception in honor of the Academy's twentieth anniversary. "There are many transatlantic connections," President Gauck said. "However, in this transatlantic net of relations there is one organization, here in Berlin, which plays an especially important role: the American Academy." »

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The Twentieth Anniversary Supplement in Der Tagesspiegel

Twelve pages of photocollage and text from the Academy's first two decades

September 9 marked the twentieth anniversary of the American Academy in Berlin. On that date, in 1994, just after the last of the American brigade left the once-divided city, Vice President Al Gore presented Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s vision of a new institution that would broaden the German-American relationship and prepare it for the post-Cold War world. It was to be a privately funded venture that would promote greater understanding and dialogue through a residential fellowship program, based in Berlin. »