The Fall 2017 Program
The Fall 2017 Program

From an assessment of President Donald Trump's world to the rise of populism across the globe, from race and music in Jim Crow America to the enigma of Angela Merkel, the American Academy's fall 2017 public program offers a wide range of lecture topics both contemporary and historical. Download…

The 2017 Henry A. Kissinger Prize
The 2017 Henry A. Kissinger Prize

On the evening of June 20, 2017, the trustees of the American Academy in Berlin awarded the 2017 Henry A. Kissinger Prize to Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble. The laudation for Dr.Schäuble was delivered by former US Secretary of Treasury Lawrence H. Summers.…

Call For 2018-19 Berlin Prize Fellowship Applications
Call for 2018-19 Berlin Prize Fellowship Applications

The American Academy in Berlin invites applications for its residential fellowships for the academic year 2018-19. The deadline is Friday, September 29, 2017 (12 noon EST or 6 pm CET). The Academy seeks to enrich transatlantic dialogue in the arts, humanities, and public policy through the…

The American Academy in Berlin is the world’s most important center for American intellectual life outside the United States.  Der Spiegel

Transatlantic partnership at a high intellectual level, in the style of mutual respect.
— Süddeutsche Zeitung​

Given the temper of our times, the Academy’s role is more important in 2017 than even my husband might have imagined in 1994. — Kati Marton, Author and Journalist

It is difficult to imagine a more inspirational, daring, and rewarding place to engage the mind than the salon on the Wannsee. — The Washington Post

A convivial setting for interaction with colleagues in different disciplines who draw one another out in ways that cannot be foreseen. — Hal Foster, Princeton University

One ends an evening at the American Academy feeling the variety and depth of current intellectual life. — Helen Vendler, Harvard University

There is no better opportunity to work and understand, anywhere.
Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University

The American Academy has contributed more to a vibrant transatlantic relationship than any other institution in Germany. — Wolfgang Ischinger

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